N. Ireland – Abortion rights used to get DUP to back Brexit deal, says Stella Creasy

Abortion rights used to get DUP to back Brexit deal, says Stella Creasy
Labour MP accuses government of willingness to let Stormont be in control of abortion laws

Kate Proctor and Heather Stewart
Wed 16 Oct 2019

Labour MP Stella Creasy has accused the government of preparing to hand back control of abortion rights to Stormont to help curry favour with the DUP at a critical moment in the Brexit talks.

Creasy led a successful push in the Commons earlier this year to extend abortion rights to Northern Ireland – the only part of the UK where it remains illegal except in a very narrow set of circumstances. MPs amended the Northern Ireland (executive formation) bill, to say that the government in Westminster would be required to extend the right to abortion if the Northern Ireland assembly and executive at Stormont are not up and running by 21 October.

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UK government ‘must act on Northern Ireland abortion’

UK government 'must act on Northern Ireland abortion'
The UK government must "wake up" and decriminalise abortion in Northern Ireland, Tory MPs have told the BBC.

By Jean Mackenzie and Andy Smythe, BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme
10 October 2018

Anna Soubry, Nicky Morgan and Heidi Allen said Westminster must step in to protect women's human rights.

Northern Ireland's Assembly - which legislates on healthcare - collapsed 21 months ago, and a new poll suggests two-thirds of Northern Ireland citizens would support Westminster intervening.

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