Planned Parenthood Goes to Hollywood

Planned Parenthood Goes to Hollywood
The group is winning in L.A., even as it’s losing in D.C. Can entertainment ultimately make a difference in the abortion wars?

Story by Nora Caplan-Bricker
September 23, 2019

It’s 10 a.m. on a Tuesday at Planned Parenthood’s New York headquarters, and I’m watching TV. Specifically, I’m watching a series of scenes clipped from movies and TV shows, all of which have two things in common: The woman beside me, Caren Spruch, had a hand in them, and each one features an abortion.

Spruch and I began our viewing session with her most recent such project, the Hulu series “Shrill.” Now, seated at a table in a white-walled conference room, we’re watching the first movie she worked on, 2014’s “Obvious Child.” Spruch is petite and animated, with a long face and dark bangs, like a more pixie-ish Anjelica Huston. She calls “Obvious Child” — a romantic comedy about an unemployed 20-something who finds herself pregnant after a one-night stand — “the one that changed the world,” setting a new standard for stories about abortion. She has seen it, she estimates, more than 25 times.


Canada – ‘Unplanned’ and anti-choice activism, and the lies that they tell

‘Unplanned’ and anti-choice activism, and the lies that they tell
Alexandra Kimball: For centuries, the most effective way to control women’s bodies has been to tell lies about them, forming a public narrative that permeates every level of culture

by Alexandra Kimball
Jul 11, 2019

I had been discharged for all of half an hour when I saw them, with their fetuses: dead, bloody fetuses on signs, little plastic fetuses cupped in their palms. Normally I would rush away from anti-abortion protesters, but my incisions were fresh and I was having trouble walking, even the half-block from the hospital exit to the Uber, even with my husband’s help.

There were five or so protesters, and in order to get home I had to look right at them: the dead one on the sign and the little plastic one in a woman’s hand.

I knew these were lies.