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Sri Lankan Women Too Scared to Seek Legal Post-Abortion Care


Sri Lankan Women Too Scared to Seek Legal Post-Abortion Care
Abortion is illegal in almost all cases in Sri Lanka, but it’s perfectly legal for women to seek help after complications from backstreet abortions. Still, the fear of stigma and discrimination prevents many from coming forward.

Written by Sophie Cousins
Published on Dec. 11, 2017

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – When Pabita* met her boyfriend, she thought he was the one. He told her he loved her and she dreamed of their marriage, one where her parents, who no longer live in Sri Lanka, would come home for the celebration.

She thought nothing of it when he jokingly pulled her into the water at the beach on the outskirts of Colombo last August, and told her she could get changed into fresh dry clothes at a nearby hotel.


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Jamaica: Thinking of having an abortion? Please read this


Thinking of having an abortion? Please read this
Published:Monday | May 29, 2017
Michael Abrahams

Although abortion is, for the most part, illegal in Jamaica, you are surrounded by women who have had pregnancies terminated. Lawyers, doctors, domestic helpers, nurses, policewomen, teachers, hairdressers. They work in your office, walk past you in supermarket aisles and sit beside you at church.

But many women who have abortions place themselves at risk without even knowing it. This is because shortcuts are often taken, which can cause significant morbidity or even death. I am not encouraging any woman to have an abortion, but the truth is that whether the procedure is legal or not, if a woman is determined not to carry a pregnancy, she will find ways of having it terminated. I am not in the habit of giving advice to people regarding breaking the law, but in this instance, I have placed concern for human safety above political correctness. So, if you have decided that you must terminate a pregnancy, please read this carefully.

Continued at source: Jamaica Gleaner:

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Uganda: Abortion – Management Policy Released but Clerics Cite Murder


By Lilian Namagembe
All Africa, Oct 20, 2016

The major causes of maternal mortality and morbidity in Uganda are well known. But action to address unsafe abortion -one of the four major direct causes of maternal mortality has been at the centre of debate in the recent weeks.

The Ministry of Health officials last month came under fire from religious leaders after releasing a post-abortion management policy detailing the circumstances under which medical workers can perform abortions, in hospitals.

Dr Anthony Mbonye, Director Health services (clinical and community), while releasing the new policy said it was intended to provide for a comprehensive management of post abortion complications and reduce death.
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Source: All Africa

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