Leaked letter suggests US is rallying UN member states to oppose abortion

Leaked letter suggests US is rallying UN member states to oppose abortion
Attempt to ‘roll back the clock’ condemned as governments are urged to oppose UN support for reproductive rights

Liz Ford
Mon 23 Sep 2019

The US is understood to have written to UN member states urging them to join a “growing coalition” of countries rallying against abortion, in what seems to be the latest attempt by the Trump administration to rollback women’s rights.

A letter, seen by the Guardian, is believed to have been sent to governments deemed sympathetic to the administration’s view on reproductive health.

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NORWAY – New Government backsliding on abortion rights

NORWAY – New Government backsliding on abortion rights

by International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion
Mar 5, 2019

The government of Norway since the last election in 2017 had been led by a coalition of three parties. Last autumn, a fourth (anti-abortion) party was invited to join the coalition in order for the other three parties to obtain a majority of seats. The negotiations with this new party led to a new “regulation of the Norwegian abortion law”. Since 1978, the law had permitted abortion on request up to 12 weeks, with no reasons or permission required.

The new “regulation” is about multi-fetal pregnancy reduction, that is, in a pregnancy with more than one embryo/fetus, aborting some but not all, usually all but one or two. The practice is widely accepted and used in the USA and across Europe. It began in the early days of in vitro fertilisation, when multiple embryos were created in order to increase the chances of at least one implanting. In Norway, the reduction of multi-fetal pregnancies was regarded as covered by the abortion law. In 2001 the Law Department in the Ministry of Health stated that: “With multi-fetal pregnancies the legal right of the fetus or the mother has not changed, and the law applies in the same way for a single fetus pregnancy as for multi-fetus pregnancy.” And in 2016 they wrote: “The Law Department states that the abortion law also applies to fetus-reduction in multi-fetal pregnancies…”

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There’s a backlash against sex education in ‘Feminist Canada’

There’s a backlash against sex education in ‘Feminist Canada’
Canada appears progressive on the world stage. But under pressure from the Christian right, Ontario’s premier scrapped modern sex education.

Nandini Archer
13 February 2019

The recent decision in the Canadian province of Ontario, to scrap its modern sex education curriculum, is “a significant retrogressive step” and “part of the backlash” against sexual and reproductive rights, said Sandeep Prasad, executive director of the NGO Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.

Last year, the 2015 sex education curriculum for pre-teens, which addressed issues from consent to LGBT rights, was replaced with that from 1998. The provincial government also introduced a hotline – dubbed the “snitch line” by critics – for parents to report on teachers who continue to teach these topics.

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Rwanda – Sexual and reproductive health and rights are fundamental human rights

Sexual and reproductive health and rights are fundamental human rights

By Jenny Ohlsson
Published : December 10, 2018

On Human Rights Day 2018, I would like to put the spotlight on the many women that die every year because some of their most fundamental human rights are not respected.

I would also like to convey my sympathies to the many daughters, sons, mothers, fathers and siblings that has lost, and will lose, a loved one. But also to our societies that will continue to lose so many brilliant minds and changemakers – all in vain – unless we implement the necessary reforms. Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are not only human rights, but a matter of life and death.

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Ghana – Young PWDs require comprehensive sexual health programmes – Gender Advocate

Young PWDs require comprehensive sexual health programmes - Gender Advocate

Dec 1, 2018

A health Ambassadors’ Club have been launched at the Cape Coast school for the Deaf and Blind with a call on stakeholders to scale up comprehensive reproductive and sexual health programmes for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs).

The Health Club aimed at informing and equipping the school children with information about their reproductive health, would help them to make informed decisions concerning their reproductive and sexual health.

Continued: https://www.businessghana.com/site/news/general/177479/Young-PWDs-require-comprehensive-sexual-health-programmes-Gender-Advocate

$350m pledge to drive family planning targeting young

$350m pledge to drive family planning targeting young

By Judd-Leonard Okafor
Published Date Nov 14, 2018

At least three donors have announced up to $350 million in new funding for family planning services and commodities for women and girls spanning nearly 27 of the lowest-income countries.

The UK’s Department for International Development will invest some $260m in a new flagship programme Women’s Integrated Sexual Health to ensure voluntary contraception for up to six million couples.

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Nepal – Time to act

Time to act
Laws abound to end discrimination against women, but a political will to implement them is a must

Oct 24, 2018

Nepal ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (Cedaw) in 1991 as part of its commitment to uphold and protect gender equality. On Tuesday, seven years after its last review, the country reported its progress to the 71st session of the Cedaw Committee in Geneva. Countries are obligated to report every four years.

Nepal has been making steady progress, both economically and socially, since it transitioned into a federal democratic republic after the promulgation of the 2015 constitution. The current constitution ensures that basic health care services are a fundamental right, and addresses women and girls’ right to safe motherhood and reproductive health through numerous national laws, policies and programmes.

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New Zealand – Family Planning welcomes landmark Human Rights Council resolution

Family Planning welcomes landmark Human Rights Council resolution

Contributer: Fuseworks Media Fuseworks Media
Wednesday, 3 October, 2018

Family Planning New Zealand is thrilled with a landmark resolution which recognises the need for comprehensive sexuality education, and accessible sexual healthcare and services, including safe abortion.

The resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council was led by a number of countries including New Zealand and is supported across the board by international family planning organisations.

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Kenya – Remove barriers of adolescents’ access to contraceptives – expert

Remove barriers of adolescents' access to contraceptives - expert

Sep. 26, 2018

It is estimated that the average teen pregnancy rate in 2017 stood at 25% with Homa Bay, Lamu, Siaya and Busia reporting rates of 40% and above.

The unmet need for contraceptives amongst the 15 – 19-year-olds stands at 27%.

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Kenya – Lack of information on sex leaves young people vulnerable

Lack of information on sex leaves young people vulnerable

Saturday June 2 2018

Let’s talk about sex.

That is the one statement that makes many parents cringe while others run for holy water and call a priest.

But the reality is that, by the time they turn 19, the majority of Kenyan youth have already had their sexual debut.

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