The informal networks resisting Honduras’s abortion ban

The informal networks resisting Honduras's abortion ban
Through hotlines and clinics, activists and health experts are trying to change the stigma associated with abortion.

Anna-Cat Brigida
July 12, 2019

Tegucigalpa, Honduras - At 22 years old, Ana Padilla was certain of one thing: she did not want to be a mother. So when she found out she was pregnant six years ago, she frantically called a friend to see if she knew how to get an abortion, which is illegal under all circumstances in Honduras. The friend calmed her nerves and gave her the phone number of someone she knew who clandestinely sold mifepristone and misoprostol, pills used for at-home abortions.

"I was desperate in that moment," says Padilla, adding that the experience of buying the pills was "mysterious", like a drug deal.


Unsafe abortion: 13-year-old girl’s life hangs by thread in Banke, Western Nepal

Unsafe abortion: 13-year-old girl’s life hangs by thread in Banke, Western Nepal

May 15th, 2019

BANKE: A 13-year-old girl in Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan city in Banke, in Western Nepal who conceived a baby after being sexually exploited by yet-to-be identified person has her life at stake after she attempted an unsafe abortion.

According to the District Police Office, Banke 8th-grader Alina (name changed) had attempted to terminate the three-month-old baby through medication abortion process.

She suffered excessive bleeding thereafter. Superintendent of Police (SP) Arun Poudel shared the girl was currently receiving treatment at Nepalgunj Medical College Teaching Hospital at Kohalpur.

She was rescued from Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan city-10 during police’s routine patrolling, shared SP Poudel, adding she was immediately admitted to the hospital given her critical health condition.

Police have already contacted her family and launching investigation into the case relating to the girl’s unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion.

Police has also urged those with AB negative blood group to donate blood for the girl who only has 2.7 pints of blood left in her body, according to the hospital.


Africa should review legal restrictions on abortion to save lives

Africa should review legal restrictions on abortion to save lives
Lives are lost when women seek help from untrained personnel to avoid facing the law

by DANIEL OTIENO, Star Blogs
01 May 2019

The annual hospitalisation rate for complications from unsafe abortion in Uganda is estimated at12 per 1,000 women aged between 15 and 49, down from 15 per 1,000 in 2003.

Kenya spent Sh533 million last year to treat complications related to unsafe abortion. In Rwanda half of all abortions are done by untrained individuals.


Channels of safe abortion will reduce maternal death rate

Channels of safe abortion will reduce maternal death rate
Abortion stigma, rules on pregnancy termination lead women to their graves

30 April 2019

Unsafe abortion accounts for up to 11 per cent of global maternal deaths, according to a new report by the United Nations Population Fund.

Some 31,000 women die every year as a result of unsafe abortion, while eight million suffer from abortion-related complications. By giving women access to safe abortion services especially in a situation where the pregnancy threatens the life and health of a woman, it will become significantly less likely that women will risk their health by undergoing unsafe abortion from unqualified service providers.

Women should be given quality services to end their unwanted pregnancies without putting their lives at risk. Increasing access to safe abortion will improve the health of families, enhance education rates and boost people’s economic prospects.

Youth health advocate, NAYA Kenya


Kenya – Reinstate the guidelines on safe abortions

Reinstate the guidelines on safe abortions

Sunday March 10 2019

On August 4, 2013, Mary Omollo (not her real name), a young house help, was frog-marched from her home in Nairobi’s Mathare slums to Muthaiga Police Station. She was accused of procuring an unsafe abortion.

Mary was humiliated in the full glare of the media. More importantly, she was kept in custody without any medical attention.


Abortion in Kenya: Everything you need to know

Abortion in Kenya: Everything you need to know

Author: Pauline Mwabishi
Dec 14, 2018

The ‘Abortion is a Crime’ reggae song is probably one that many of us have heard more than once. The song’s message, which is evident in its title, is that abortion is an act that should be shunned upon. The abortion debate is one that has been going on for a while, not only in Kenya but also worldwide. Various human rights groups, non-governmental organizations, and governments all over the world have not been shy when it comes to stating their stand on abortion. However, what we all ask ourselves when it comes to this topic is, “Is it ethical to legalize abortion?” Let us delve deeper into this debate, mainly using abortion in Kenya as a case study. Read more:


Kenya – Abortion: Rights group sues ministry, officials over Marie Stopes ban

Abortion: Rights group sues ministry, officials over Marie Stopes ban

Dec. 01, 2018

The Centre for Reproductive Rights on Friday sued the Ministry of Health and other state officials over the recent ban on Marie Stopes over safe abortions.

The lobby group filed a suit against the CS for Health, the Director of Medical Services, the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, the Kenya Film and Classification Board and its CEO Ezekiel Mutua.


Why The Abortion Rate In Pakistan Is One Of The World’s Highest

Why The Abortion Rate In Pakistan Is One Of The World's Highest

Diaa Hadid
Nov 28, 2018

When at 19 Mehnaz became pregnant for the fifth time, she panicked. She already had four daughters, and her husband was threatening to throw her out if she had another. So she did what millions of Pakistani women do every year: She had an abortion.

Like many of those women, her abortion was partly self-administered. "I kept taking tablets — whatever I laid my hands on," she says. "I lifted heavy things" — like the furniture in her tiny living room. She drank brews of boiled dates — many Pakistanis believe the beverage triggers labor.


Kenya – How conmen are minting millions in risky abortion procedures

How conmen are minting millions in risky abortion procedures

The Nairobian
By Jeckonia Otieno
Nov 11, 2018

Carol paid Sh10, 000 and was given four pills and instructed to swallow two [Photo: Courtesy]

Carol, 20, almost became a static because of an orgasm. “I had to get rid of the pregnancy. I am still waiting to join college and my parents would have been mad had they known,” Carol revealed.

A friend advised her to visit a private doctor within the Nairobi CBD, where she was charged a consultation fee of Sh3, 000.


Kenya – Businesswoman held over abortion

Businesswoman held over abortion
According to a police source the accused first took her housemaid to a traditional herbalist in Bweyogerere to procure an abortion last week but her condition later worsened.

By Moses Bikala
2nd October 2018

Police in Iganga are holding a 30-year-old businesswoman for procuring an abortion for her 16-year-old housemaid.

The accused Eva Namukose a businesswoman operating from Bweyogerere, Wakiso district reportedly took her 16-year-old housemaid, Fayima Nakato to a traditional herbalist after discovering that she was five months pregnant.